Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I had a refreshing experience tonight!

I didn't have much to do tonight, since I'm waiting for the vet to come check out Blaze tomorrow at 1PM. My heart murmur acted up big time, but hey, what the hell!
I looked at other journals listed and presto, found one that really shined in my eyes. I had almost forgotten how strong and resilient we humans can be, even under the most horrendous experiences imaginable. It made my day.
Of course, then I came across this sex thing survey. I think I'll dig up some of my old research books and see if there is anything in there. I do remember shocking some professors with a question I came up with. They weren't prepared for the answers that the student provided. enough. off I go.
I mean, like, I'm really off, you know????
have a happy monday

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