Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"It's still cold and a sprinkling of snow flakes....."

I got my DTV coupon today. So I went imediately over to the Circuit City web site. gosh, they only have 2 units! But I guess I'll have to do that, or struggle with my directv dish and put it up.
I also thought my mailman had forgot me. He didn't. He didn't get here till 5:45PM. Thats about 5 hours late! I guess it's a sub. What a day.
I even did the wash. whoopie! Now I know why they refered to Monday as "Blue Monday".
It's so darn quiet in here. Just a snoozing cat laying on top of the Sony AV thing. I'm watching Gokusen. I first saw Gokusen on an ADV sale. They had these great sales where you could get great anime at great prices and even some free stuff. I think I heard they are reoraganizing now. sigh.....I remember when I saw the entire series on Fuse, and then AZN, and before that, the old International channel. times change.

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