Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"First day of Turkey month....gobble gobble..lions lions...."

I finally slept in today. I needed it too. I had one last trick or treater. my neighbor lady's dad came down to pick up a table and brough a neighbor lady and her 6 year old child with her. He came over wth my neighbor and the cute little guy just took one piece of candy from a huge bag of left over stuff. I told him he could take more than one and maybe his mom would want one to.
It was a nice day.....

I think I'll follow up with my plan to watch at least 4 Godzilla movies this coming Tuesday.

At this point, with all the B.S. ad's on tv, the poloticians who treat the general public like idiots, I just want them gone. period!

Now for a peaceful month....

Oh, the furry dog on my icon is my second Samoyed, Yogi. He was a rescue dog. I got him when he was 7 years old. He crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge when he was 12 or so. I miss him terribly..

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