Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,


"Trick or Treat"

We had a lot more ghosts and goblins than I thought we would. Kelly, the dude who bought the candy, came over and we had yummy piazza and bread sticks. yum. and then, we put on "Blood The last vampire". Scary.....Boo.

It was a sunny warm fall afternoon. Yet, we didn't get one trickster till 6:34 or so. the last one showed up around 8:38PM. I can't imagine little kids being out that late, even if mom or/and dad are walking them around.

But, all in all, it was a nice night. We ended up watching "Godzilla-Final wars". What a kick!
Kelly took off with the rest of the piazza, ( his breakfast) and I'm watching Bill Moyers Journal on PBS. Maybe another film before bed. Scooter the cat had a girlfriend come over last night at 4AM yawn....

Nighty night and

Happy Halloween.
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