Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Another quiet Friday night, with the McLaughlin group?"

I asked a friend to take me up to the grocery store, since, I'm out of groceries. ( good reason, huh?) Well, another friend left me two trash bags full of pop/beer cans. So, we're off! Really. I bet we spend about 14 minutes feeding pop/beer cans into the counting machine. Kelly was on my left, and I was feeding my own machine. What a great way to spend a Friday night. When all was crunched up and counted, we ended up with $28.80. Wow. Thats a pretty good way to start off a Friday night! I got yummy cabbage, carots, potatos, polish sauage ( can you think what I'm going to make tomorrow night?). and basic food stuffs. I still have to go back and get cat food and butter and maybe some greens. Yeahs. oops..Milk. I knew I'd forget something.
I asked my pal what he wanted for Christmas: The Land Before Time series. I found a couple of them, but they seem to be out of order.
I decided to watch PBS's The McLaughlin group. Boy, have they ever went down. Pat Buchanan raning about how Obama's plan of turning this country into a socialist country. oh boy.
So off that went and on went "Big O" series one. yeahs. I feel old tonight. I remember when this series premiered on Cartoon Network. sigh....its tough when your old and smell and have wrinkles........

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