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One of those, hot, steamy nights, when all of a sudden..

I sat in this stupid bedroom, with my dog, feeling like we're prisoners. As my fingers dance on the keyboard, it is 82 degrees, humidity of 89 %. yuck! I don't feel this wet taking a bath, which, by the way, only makes me feel hotter.
But hey, its summer, the kids are playing water hockey ( I don't want to know) My doggie is okay, though I think the heats getting to him too. He doesn't want to leave this room. I like cool, but I hate being held hostage to it.
So, I play computer games, all 12 of them. Doom95,Wolfenstein3D, Spear of Destiny, Shadow Warrior, and others. I just want to get this stupid $1100.00 working so I can feel like its worth $650.00????? Did I say that???
If I play one more game of Recoil, I'll puke! Quake is great, especially with this OpenGL, OMG! Before, I was playing it on a "puter" with a whopping 4 megs of ram. "Watch out, we're smoking here..."
I just got MS publisher 2002. Oh boy. Another Product Activation software, from the company that is "YOUR FRIEND".
Love the bloated software, hate this gestapo tactics.
Time for DBZ.

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