Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Happy October 1st!"

Yeah. just a few shorts weeks and THE DAY will be here. No, not election day, Halloween! candy, costumes, trick and treating and presidential debates and Governor Pallin. What the heck is a matter with me???? How did that get in there?

Well, today I spent tossing around the idea of installing the second hard drive into my old, old, old computer. Did I say it was old? Well, that old work horse took it nice as pie. I fired it up and promptly forgot my logical and primary and secondary drive methodology. I feel old, or is it I feel stupid??? Ok, both right now. I

changed the cats litter stuff only to discover I had purchased scented litter stuff. I hope he uses it. I had my morning coffee on the front porch and did my morning reading. ah, theres nothing like a stiff breeze and cold rain hitting you in the face. Did I mention I feel stupid right now? It felt like all the world like November. Even the clouds moved and were colored November. I just, for a kick, turned on my radio. One classical music, one public broadcast, and two npr and the rest, 99% rock and or roll, with a token country station thrown in for good measure. I am glad the FCC has been reduced to auctioning off cell phone frequencies instead of making and enforcing rules governing broadcasters. lets hear it for Regan and his deregulation crazy policies.

well, I have to admit that I'm almost embarrassed by thinking about tomorrow nights debate.
oh well.

Have a great October first

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