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I screwed up bad!!!! & should I review personal items???

Boy howdy. I did it this time. I called up the president of a repeater council and raged up one side of him and down the other: Have you ever heard somebody turn red over the phone? I did. I apologized and really meant it. There was no reason for this. I was almost an animal with this dude. What happened was simple: this other dude stole our frequency pair from us and this dude I raged on contributed to the other dudes effort? I apologized????
Now, should I share those deep, personal, really reviewing feelings, thoughts and insights in this LJ.? hmmmmmmm
I bet it would be more interesting. If you really want to meet somebody, the best way is via the truth. ( I think I need to take a nap here?)
ok. I'm off to write either a fan fic or........ I'll see what comes up.

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