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What a yuckie day....

Well, I woke up thinking I had a fever: I did. That's just wonderful. I've got 2 major web pages to develop, a newsletter to get out and all this within 7 days. But I wasn't sick, just didn't feel so hot. I saw Bubblegum crisis, episode 10. this series starts to grow on you. Too bad I loaned out the entire first series to Marc. 9 months and he has returned the tapes!
I didn't get any further with my computer. my buyer was a no show. His back was hurting like heck on Friday, so maybe he just relaxed today.
I finally gave up trying to back up all my data on tape: it would take over 3 hours. As it is, I've got 3 CD's full of stuff now.
Well, today was or should I say yesterday was Happyfit's birthday. He's sweet sixteen. But you'll not find me calling him that.
hope he has oodles of fun.
Well, my trusty Samoyed Yogi is sleeping,so I think I'll go to bed also. busy day thinking your not well, especially when your not.
okay, tootles.

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