Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"I think another title for this Monday would be..The Day Wallstreet stood still"

Wow, it's like history is repeating itself, but larger this time. Where are all the financial geniuses?? Wow.
On a good note, I made it to the grocery store and got 1 million cans of Campbells Chicken noodle soup. yum. ok, maybe not quite that many, but it seems like a lot. 10 cans for five bucks.
I also discovered that a herd of squirrels have been raiding my yard for butternuts. They are almost gone. yeah.

Now, I'm doing what I did most of this past weekend: nothing.we had two solid days of rain, so I chose to watch anime instead of foolball.

Bubblegum crisis 2032, Bubblegum Crash and then, Bubblegum 2040. I do like that series. ( I may have a crush on Priss)

Now I'm finishing up watching Texhnolyz and then...."star trek 3, search for spock".

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