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"where are you now, Leo LaPort when I need you!!"

computers,can't live with them, can't live with them??
yes, it's been that kind of weekend and beginning to this cold, brisk week. I worked on 6 computers, loaded 3 OS's and helped my neighbor get on the internet, again. I fixed her up, temporally, using my router till I can spend some time getting her laptop up again.
I threw my hands up and gave up with that @?#$ing thing they call a motherboard. I can't believe I've been through two, count them, two brand new motherboards and both of them are D.O.A.! now, I ask you, patient reader, how exactly did these two pieces of #$?@ leave the factory after being tested?? if they don't work???
So, I striped all the components and put them back into my trusty, but old and ailing AMD.

Oh well. Now I have to reinstall my new hard drive and cross my fingers it will work.

It's so nice to be able to run ALL my programs now.

back to square one....

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