Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"A wonderland trip to the grocery store...."

Or, how I became bedazzled by high prices while shopping. I decided I needed to get some

garbage bags and some yummies. I went down the aisle where the yummy soup is kept. Wolfgang puck's single can of zoup was $4.00 per can. ok.... So I settled for Healthy choice. on sale $1.25. it was supposed to be a $18.00 buying trip. $51.00 later.. What can I say, I love my coke cola, and potato chips, and cookies. something from the three major food groups. Sugar, salt and greese.

So on this Friday night, instead of dating, I'm home watching Tim Burton's "Ed Woods".
I'm trying to put this yuckie week behing me. it had its ups and downs: I just discovered that two of my friends think Rush Limbaugh has the right answer for "Everything" If you vote democratic, you'll vote to surrender to terroists. Oh boy.......

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