Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"I'm hot, sweaty, tired and did I say, hot?"

well, for only the third time this year, I mowed the lawn. and only the front. The back yard is trying very hard to look like a dust bowl. My neighbor lady mowed her lawn and watered it. I put my sprinkler on the side so it would get the hard to reach spots her sprinkler won't get.
dusty, dusty. I think I shall have to water the front lawn as well.

My friend Kelly showed up. it seems that the world is indeed falling apart right in front of everybody. Kelly and friend were to supposed to go to a cottage for a whole week, but the person who owns the cottage rented it out to somebody else. this came as the person who was going to the cottage lost his apartment due to back something or the other. whoopie.
I just got a call from fifth third bank warning me to make my credit card payment before July3, 2008. I kid you not. I've already taken care of that account. idiots.
and to think, people are lining up to vote another batch of idiots in for four more years.

Stop the world, I want to get off!!!
I think I'll go eat right now and come back and finish this later.

yum. din din time

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