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Now the refer's compressor is shot.....

Ah, this is beginning to feel like January 1st all over again. First, it is starting to become warmer inside my refrigerator and it is outside: the pump/compressor is shot. $350.00. Wow, ain't I glad I got me self a service contract. Yippie skippe. wait a moment. the contract is with Montgomery wards. now thats better. So, as I sit here crossing my finger, hoping the good folks at Frigidaire are indeed, nice, I can see my summer bills all being shot to heck. Look thats my dvd floating by.. ah.....
I shouldn't bitch though, I have had a nice refer for a whole 4 years. at $689.00, hey, thats a pretty good deal ( if your a cone head, that is).
and now, my feet are swelling up, I think I might have congessive heart disease, but won't know till I can find me a real, live, red blooded doctor. Now that should keep me busy for atleast 2 months. ( national health care is sure looking pretty right about now).
like I said, I shouldn't complain.
but this is a journal. Lets see, today, I decided not to see my good doctor. My back hurt way too much to be bending to get into a car,truck or other motorized vehicle.
I'll finish this tomorrow, I want to see where all my weather radar gif's went to.

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