Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A nice, lazy, warm summer day.......

Boy, this was one of those days when all I planned to do, was nothing. and boy, did I ever do it. at least twice. I did manage to finally, after about 15 hours, of reinstalling Windows XP home. This is not reconmended for old computers, as some if not all of the conponents may not have drivers any longer. They are about 4 years old!
My pal Serge is about to go back up to Boinc Blanc island and build his retirement cottage.LOL. yeah, at this rate it should be done by 2525. But, he's having fun.
I'm watching Terminator 2, judgement day. I forgot what a kickass movie it is.
Scooter the cat is doing something new. He rubs his face against mine. the vet suggested he was marking me. hmmmm. ok...I guess...

Oh, I'm starting to learn cat. Meow can mean one of ten thousand different things. Meow meow, though, means, scratch me now. I'm learning.

Do you know any cat? or rabbit??

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