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Saturdays alright for fighting.....

If life is an experience, then I've lived a lot these past 2 days. First off, I lost all my e-mail from Tuesday to yesterday. I think I found the problem: a faulty CD/RW drive, which just happens to be almost 2 months beyond me taking it back to best buy. ( not their fault). Then, I discovered that my idiot "so called" friends, were actually betting on whether I would show up last Sunday to field day. The nerve! Yes, please, give me some more being treated like a floor mat. "Do any of you ever get the feeling that folks think YOU should be the responsible one, the one to take responsibility for solving problems, that others create?" hmmmmm. I have this problem with folks coming over to my house and waking me up, every day of the week and then greeting me like " Shut up and sit down!"
( how come none of my old sweeties think of calling or visiting??? it's not fair! goes away pouting.)
oh well. nobody said life would be fair, only interesting. That it sure is.

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