Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"We had Chinese..."

today started out a certain cat meowing at me to get up to feed him. I decided I would wash all the windows in the first floor. LOL. I bust me up sometimes. ok. back to reality.

I did the laundry and then raked the side yard. Bunch of sticks left over from freezing rain and other crud. yuck.
I then got the mail and low and behold, my brother's pal, Kelly, finally got his "Saving Grace" DVD in the mail. I called him and we decided to have dinner together. Chinese. yum. Sweet and sour Chicken, won-ton soup and egg rolls. Terrific. yum. I decided it would be nice to keep a smile on his face since without my brother being around, he feels lost. I ordered The Chipmunks on DVD. I hope it cheers him up.

Tomorrow, I absolutely must get one or more of these computers up and running. my old is just about had it. I sound like a broken record.

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