Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Thats what I looked like and felt like today..."

Too much, I mean, Way too much Cat at night. Jump on the bed, meow ( lets go to bed) ok, close everything up and get into bed. No cat. He just spotted his honey prowling the neighborhood. There goes the stupid cat for 2 hours: jump onto the tv, onto the floor, look out the window, meow like an idiot and repeat till tired or dad turns off the lights and then he pouts till dawn.
what a cat.
But, I did rake the lawn this afternoon even though it was cold. I also helped a helpless catapillar get back on the grass. I just checked and can't find him. Hope he made it ok. Talked with neighbor lady to find out what has been going on. Seems we lost oodles of young couples over this foreclosure crap. That got me in a bad mood. I do not like to see people hurt. period!

More ranting later tonight.

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