Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Snow??? I should write my congressman or somebody...."

Today,bright sun shine, about 58 degrees. I walked up to the bank and paid my bills and cried to the teller. Didn't matter. he still took my money. I told him if I didn't pay my bills, I could buy oodles of toys, and maybe, just maybe, I'd share with him at recess ( it's getting deep now). nothing. I tried.

walked back home and decided to spend the first nice day of spring raking the yuck off the lawn. bad idea. wind blew everything i raked right back into my face. I then sort of gave up and sat on the front porch, watching the pretty girls. Then the pretty girls spotted me and waved me over. I helped her break up some limbs from a tree. We're going to go shopping some time this week, since she's on spring break. She went up the Blockbusters and rented Mel Gibson's "Apocaliypical(sp?)". Now, some people can't stand seeing blood letting, and she is one of them. She said I could view it when she's done. I fully expected her to call half an hour ago telling me to come and get it.
Maybe tomorrow.

Oh, about the subject line above. our weather pattern will give us snow come saturday. Yeahs...

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