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"ahhhh. upon hearing the first cukoo in spring....."

I had my first cup of coffee on the porch this morning. yeahs. no jacket, no sweater. ah.... and i swear, things are starting to look and feel green. Now, if only we could have that nice cleaning spring rain that smells so very sweet. Ah...what promise it tells for the coming growing season. I'm not a farmer, just called one once and awhile. ( among other names)

oh boy, I forgot that the old grocery store is about to be leveled. They built a new and larger one behind it, but told us it wouldn't be ready till about november. ha ha. Next week, the old store will close and the very next day the new one, with all it's confusing food locations will open. It will be nice, but I'll have to find all the food stuff. So, last night we entered the old store only to be greeted by empty shelves. Nothing is more eerie than a empty grocery store. It was creepy. So, we left and went to that other old store across town. I spent $112.81. and boy, the winter must have confused my judgment. I don't have $112.81 to spend on food for a month. But, I was out of just about everything, so nothing was excessive. It is all the stupid cats fault! He just had to eat all his food up and use all the kitty litter. Ah, theres nothing that brings joy to my back than lifting a 40 pound bag of kitty litter and a 18 pound bag of cat food. so help me, next time I'm going to get a gold fish! But,he did something new last night. he got on my chest and snuggled up as close as he could get. and then purred..
I never knew kitty cats were that affectionet. Now if only I could take him for a walk.

Its going to be a nice, bright sunny Saturday afternoon. NO SNOW. Or fur pants.

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