Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"LJ Protest date" Not the best date possible....

Being a practicing Catholic, this past week has been Holy Week. Today is Holy Thursday, "The Last Supper". Good Friday is normally for me, a day of quiet contemplation and prayer. So I probably wouldn't be into LJ'ing anyway.
From what I read, The new Masters, fully intend to do whatever they want to do, irregardless of our opinions. this would indicate to me, they are not too experienced with dealing with the work force ( thats us)and they have a desire to show a profit like yesterday. Shame. How great LJ has become, and now to have it tossed into the profit margin toilette. It would be nice if they would actually listen to the committee that already is in place.

Happy Easter to all you LJ bunny lovers!

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