Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"A quiet day in the house....."

I'm beginning to hate trash day. No, its not picking up the trash that bothers me or standing outside ripping boxes apart for the recyle bin. Nope. It's emptying the dreadful KITTY LITTER BOX! I DO NOT LIKE THOSE KINDS OF SURPRISES. I like cats, though. scooter jumps on the arm of the chair and gives me a kiss each night. and also, has to be under the sheets when I go to bed. He curles up in the crook of my arm and lays his cute little head down. ah......except, i don't dare move or he'll wake up and jump off the bed...

Below is the YouTube link for The Theme from Ergo Proxy. Monoral's Kiri.
I still get upset when I think about Geneon. gads, I wish they would have ran that on cartoon network....

When I think of all the talented people who are left hanging with out work and the unfinished projects left to a undecided future, it makes me sick.

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