Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Wow, now this is winter!"

I decided to walk up to the bank and deposit a check and mail my income tax form in. WOW. I gave up walking on the sidewalk after 50 feet! Dangerous walking in the street, but no other way to make headway! all in all, took less than an hour. The blowing snow covered my foot prints. and I ran out of bread crums, I don't know how I finally made it home! LOL. thats a joke.
Well, its been a whole 2 days since I became the "BIG SHOT". ( They awarded me the Ham of the Year.) Great. now look at all the pressure that'll be on me.
Strange dreams as of late. They're all of old girlfriends and in the dreams, well, I...hey, your getting kind of nosey, aren't you?
back to the dreams.......

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