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What a total ass........

I can't believe that trusting people can be a wrong thing to do. I mean, it's not like I'm asking folks to hold on to me as I hang from a 100 story building or something. Just a nice, simple, " I won't hurt you", or "Use you" kind of thing. just be honest as you can be, without bleeding or anything. But not the fools I'm with, oh no. Some day I will write about what is happening here and it will be a best seller.
Should I change and try and get back at these,,,,," Legends in their own minds" people?? I think not. But it still hurts like hell. I mean, if I do something to you, I expect you to confront me on it. I deserve it. Now thats simple. No BS or playing around kinds of shit. But this non-sense.
do you know what it feels like to go to festival and hear people whispering about "How He is one of the bad people?".
I'm pissed, but, thankfully, not pissed on...

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