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The subject is about being closed minded.....

A friend of mine, is feeling bad, cause somebody said she was closed minded. ( he/she didn't mean to hurt her, only make a comment).
Well, now. As I see it, being closed minded is like looking at only one way of having sex, cooking popcorn, watching Dragonball Z, and closing out every other possible way of doing things. Make sense? I think everybody is closed minded during some period of growth, just because it's a stage of growing up.( it's much safer not dealing with new stuff, if your still trying to absorb other stuff you've experienced.)
I always try to keep a open mind about things, but, as you get older it is harder. You have to work at being open to life's experiences. Accomodations/Assimilation. Those are not separate things, but different sides to the same coin. Gosh, I sound like I'm in college again.
The bottom line: If you were closed minded, that persons comment wouldn't have bothered you.
Now, I think I said what I meant???
I'm not used to this LJ thing. But just think, your writing in a LJ and everybody in the world can read it. Seems pretty open mined to me.
There, now back to deciding which OLD GIRLFRIEND ( I like shouting this things out once and again , for no apparent reason) I should call. She likes me.....She likes me not....She likes me....She wants to take me to the cleaners..

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