Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Mailing out Christmas cards.....yeah!"

It's a lot of work. most of my friends have moved, and I do not have their current address. yippy. My brother used to do this and I kind of just made out one or two. I've about 22 mailed and still some to address. I felt really guilty when the mail man came by, and here I am, with about 16 addressed cards ready to go in the mail. I didn't have the heart. I just waved to him and waited till he walked by. I then braved the cold and icy sidewalks and walked the 8 blocks to the mailbox. I then rewarded myself by a nice hot soak.. much for showers. there ok if one is in a hurry, but nothing beats the relaxing feel of hot steamy water.
nighty night.
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