Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Got my second Happy Birthday wish today"

my pal over in Morris Minn woke me up to wish my a Happy Birthday. I could almost shoot him. what a way to be woke up! Groggy and half a sleep, I hear him humming "Happy Birthday" to me. I wonder if he knows he must pay royalties to the author of that song?
My neighbor lady brought me a meat log???? No, not a meat wad, a meat, ( turkey actually) log. Looks yummy. I'll have it later this week. She also baked me a pan of brownies. yum yum. where's the milk?

Now, if we only could have about 8 inches of snow fall within the next 12 hours. Now, to settle back and watch a DVD. oh, I discovered my DVD player is acting strangely. This is that Toshiba unit that was screwy when they made it.

and to all, a good night. ( my last night was spent petting a cat and telling him how special he is. he finally went to sleep, but only after both of my legs had cramped up. I have to lay across the bed so he can cuddle up next to me and yet still watch the window. I want a dog....

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