Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Rain is not SNOW!"

I just looked at the weather radar and there isn't a lick of s.n.o.w. bewteen here and putooka hollow! And here, I've been given the bird too! ah....some times I wonder. Good thing about this time of year, Mr.Scooter the cat, is snoozing right behind me. I never knew cats were so possesive. scary at times. I wake up and I have a back, foot or neck warmer. Mr.Scooter, finally, after nearly 3 years, Scooter, gave me a lick on my face! Boy, talk about a gentle mooch.. ah.....Lady's, take a lesson.
1. grow whiskers
2. get fur all over your body.
3. and start meowing and
4. roll over on your back and kick your feet in the air??????

ok...scratches head....

on behalf of Mr.Scooter the cat

and me,

have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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