Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"This really pisses me off!!"

I'll apologize before hand if my word choice offends anybody. right now, I'm turning different shades of tomato red! Some of you know I love the old Black and White sci-fi and horror movies of the 1950's. There's just something about any movie that gets you to use your brain instead of just sitting there, reacting to what the spx folks have put together.

One of my favorite flicks is The Unknown Land. it has a wonderful feel to it and gets me involved with the scenery. yippy skippy. Our friends at universal films released a special DVD compilation of films for Best Buy. so far, great. its either a 3 or 6 disk set and ran about 19.95 or so. good deal. it also had Dr.Cyclops on with 2 or 3 other films. this was a limited edition in every sense of the word. well, along comes greedy people who buy just about all of Best buy's stock and presto change oh, the price now is between 35.96 and 78.95! These are new dvd's, but have been jacked up 200 to 400 %. what a world.
I want to state now, theres no way in God's green world I'm going to buy anything from these individuals. I guess, I'll just have to wait till Universal either puts out another edition or somebody buys the rights and offers the film in a single.

there, while I feel good sharing this with you, I'm down because there exist people who think about turning a buck anyway. wow, what a world.

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