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Guess what? Another survey. oh boy....

Real update? Bah . . .
Name: Richard
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nickname: acientone . . .
Job: Web page creations/programing
School: Grand valley State University
Glasses / Contacts?: sigh, reading
Weight: About 281, and dropping ( I quit smoking, now I'm healthy- NOT)
Shoe Size: 12
Clothing size: 48
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Have / had braces?:Nope! I lucked out.

5 things you are wearing:
1. Over-sized, floppy shirt.
2. White socks
3. Sponge bob undies
4. Really, and I mean really cheap jeans.
5. Crucifix

5 things you can see:
1. Computer.
2. Two small Godzilla figuards.
3. Huge blue coffee mug
4. Oodles of recorded Cd's, that I burned.
5. My new computer shell.

5 things you are doing right now:
1. Updating my LJ.
2. Worrying about my dog having his teeth cleaned and one tooth removed.
3. Rocking in my chair.
4. Checking my web pages counter.
5. Checking e-mails.

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours:
1. Chicken Noodle zoup.
2. Breast of chicken.( do you see a pattern here?)
3. Home made cabbage soup. oh yum.
4. Bashed potatoes ( there mashed, but we droped the bowl)
5. M & M's

5 things you did so far today:
1. Walked my dog before they came and got him.
2. Did laundry.
3. Checked e-mails.
4. Made a map of how to get to vets.
5. wrote up resume for non-paying position. ( your kidding?)

5 things you can hear right now:
1. Theme from Dragonball Z ( I'm playing last nights tape).
2. Typing.
3. The quiet whirling noise from the computers fan.
4. Rain splashing against my bedroom windows.
5. Me cursing the day I quit smoking.

5 colors you can see:
1. yuckie grey-white.
2. Peach.
3. Blue.
4. Boring green, as in trash bag green.
5. White.

5 thoughts in your head:
1. "Why don't the people who come up with these surveys get a life?"
2. I hope my dog is doing alright and doesn't feel he's being abandomed again.
3. Why I keep on going back to AFD, when they usually end up spiting at you and everybody else?
4. How much I admire all of the extreamly talented and gifted people on AFD, and wish I were
like them.
5. I don't miss sex.

Colour: Banana Green.
Smell: Freshly cut garlic.
Texture: Soft and warm Samoyed dog fur.
Painting: The entire Sistine Chapel.
Book: "Breakfast of Champions" by Kurt Vonnegut.
Poem: "Everything done by E.E.Cumming
Movie: "The Bear"
Cartoon: Dragon Ball. ( shouldn't there also be a catagory for favourite anime?)
Fabric: Warm, broken in levi's. yum.
Time: Just when your drifting off to sleep. You feel warm, safe and then,...
Person: My Grandfather: he taught me that the greatest strenght a man can have is in
being honest, and to always show your feelings, especially love.
Sound:Gregorian Chan.
Band: This is so simple,,,,,"The Beatles"
Singer: The woman who sings the end title song on the Outlaw Star DVD.
Rapper: Ice-T
Classical music: Rautavaara's " Cantus Arcticus"
Clothing article: Cut off levi's in the summer.
Drink: Coffee, good coffee.
Alcoholic drink: A nice Red Wine.
Fast food place: Burger King
Restaurant: Holly's Landing, on the Grand River. It's where I've made all my important plans.
Food: A bowl of hot, steaming rice, with vegtables and onions and garlic on it.
Fruit: Banana
Vegetable: Red Cabbage. ( it's better than sex)
Animal: samoyed dogs, especially the abandoned, rescued kind.
Reptile: any lizard.
Fish: Rainbow trout.
Clothing store: all the ones I liked are out of business now. The jean hut?
Clothing brand: This is hard??? Levi's of course. ( but I can't affort them)
Shoe brand: Nike I guess.
Memory you've had: Having my sickly, in pain dog, Keiko, snuggle up close against me, just
like a scared child would do. He touched my soul that day.
Orgasm you've had: Why, the one (many) she had. That was better than having your own.
Plant: A nice fern.
Tree: Butternut trees.

Do you believe in God: Yes.( here's a profound thought: Man is God's Will in the world, Woman,
God's Being.)
Do you believe in Heaven and Hell: Yes.
What religion are you: Roman Catholic.
Do you stand for the national anthem: Yes.
Do you KNOW the national anthem: Yes.
Can you stand on your head: No.
How fast can you run: Please. Turtles pass me by and make fun of me.
What time is it now: 2:44PM
Was this too long: No, you need to refine your questions. You left some important ones out, like
Why is there air?:

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