Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" TRICK OR TREAT" So give me all your candy.....

you can mail it to me, but FedX or UPS would be better. Just kidding. It's going to be a lonely Halloween tonight. No brother, no kelly and no neighbor lady. Just the KAT and me. ( and 5 bags of candy-gads, I hope we get treaters tonight!)
Busy busy busy. I heard some fall out from that Ellen Generest thing with the rescue dog: My source for Rescue Samoyeds' is closing their doors. Wow, thats where I got Yogi, Keiko and Odie. ( you can visit my pooches at ) While they are all passed on to the Rainbow bridge, it's scary to think of the animals that will needlessly suffer from this. Without a rescue service, the animals will go to the local animal shelter. They usually put the older critters to sleep within a short period of time. its sad. "Whats the difference between a puppy and an older dog? there's usually more to hug and pat with the older dog".

I hope you all have a quiet, Happy Halloween.


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