Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Birthday to the LURKERDROME he turns 30 tomorrow...

I don't know if he'll even see this happy birthday wish, because he de-friended me two month ago or so. But hey, Happy Birthday to him anyway. Let's hope the next 30 or so will be better.

Now, a while ago, Thenextcentury asked me what was the story behind me becoming a Catholic.

I remember going to our local congregational church, but only learned how to take a nap without your mom or wife giving you the elbow in the ribs. I also saw all the latest fashions and large sedans pull up to the church after the service to pick up the family. Something like a fashion showcase of the neighbors. I felt nothing special after all this, but I knew there was something to this religion stuff. I thought of attending a Catholic service, but way back then, it was still in latin. I felt empty, but knew there was something out there. Then, when my world fell apart with the death of my mother and my brother took off, leaving me to deal with everything, I hit bottom. The bottom was no car, yet I had to finish my last year of college and hope I could get the money to start my final schooling. That didn't happen, as my new car died and I had to start taking the city bus. that was fun. this was back in the days when one could ride the bus without fearing for ones life. it was while waiting for a bus to take me home that I met this gal at the bus stop. Her 7 year old son looked up at me then his mom, and said in a loud voice, mom, you really like this man don't you. is that why your staring at him? we dated and in the course of the dating ritual, I discovered that this gal would not go all the way unless we were married. I've never seen faith practiced like this before. She attended one of the city's large and old Catholic churches, Saint Isidore. Seeing faith being practiced was something new to me. I had heard a lot of talk about having faith, and what to do, but this was the first actually doing example of faith. I became interested how a women, living in the 1990's, would honor her churches belief like this. I thought I should investigate this Catholic thing more. I remember it was on a humid, hot August night, I decided to see what this church was all about. I got there and found the front door unlocked. later, I would be informed that they never leave the church unlocked due to vandalism and the real threat of stealing the gold chalis. But on that night, it was unlocked. It was one of the most passionate experiences of my life. I remember kneeing right after I entered the church and then simply sat in a pew and said the following words, which I remember to this day: " Father, I'm home". Where that came from is anybody's guess. But the very next day, I started instruction into taking my first communion.
I know now that while I may not be able to solve all of the puzzles in my life and what I experience in my life, the Catholic religion has now given me a frame into which all the parts of the puzzle fit.
I even thought about the priesthood, but still haven't decided on that. Too many other things to deal with.

If your interested in hearing more, I'll further on this. Talking about ones religious beliefs can be very personal, but then again, hey, you've been personal with your life too.
now, enjoy, my triathlete friend.

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