Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"About 5 snappy comments and/or questions that will help you get that date"

I had a friend call and we talked about how he hadn't been able to get a date for this past Friday. or Saturday, or Sunday church service.
I thought, I being mr. know-it-all, could help him and also provide a public service on how to get that date.
so, here are my suggestions. take them for what they're worth.

1. Look closely at her eyes, and say " Hey, your face cleared up".

2. stare at her thighs, and say " That diet really worked! I bet you lost 20 lbs. on each leg."

3. Look at her tummy piercings and say, "Do you polish them, or simanize them?"
4. Tell him "Picking up a six pack and going bowling, isn't a weekend getaway"

5. Tell him going dutch treat isn't letting him use your credit card.

I told you, take them for what they're worth.

Do you have any suggestions?

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