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It's Summer! The kids were playing in the sprinkler today.

Ah....Summer. 83 degrees, ( last Saturday at this same time, it was 35 degrees and it did snow somewhere in Michigan), lawns being mowed, squirels getting run over. Dam! I hate losing one of my backyard critters. I had just got back from a Ham radio / computer swap and as we approached my house, I saw one of my squirels, dead in the street. I hope this was just an accident. I've actually seen people trying to steer into the critters as they would race across the street! You know, as I get older, the number of times when people seem totally insenitive to me, increases. I wish to spend more time with the critters, and less time with the people.
Well, I thought I'd see a news flash about war or something like that. This is the same country where their prime minister ordered "HER" troops to rape the women of the other country, cause their religion forbade them ( the men, husbands) from having anything to do with them ( the women).
But, I'm tired. It's been a long day, I just discovered my pal form AFD, Zach, was in a terrible accident, but is doing better. I've never been in a fender bender ( knock real loud on wood).
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. remember, school is out in about 2 weeks? ( My pals wife is taking a grad school class in education: $1400.00 for 6 weeks!).
I'm going to clean erasers!

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