Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

He doesn't get it...

Just watched the Presidential announcement. " He doesn't get it" Maybe people should exercise more care in voting people into office. They actually may have some responsibility while they're in office!

I made coffee and while sipping it, planned my whole day. finish the java, then cut up some nasty and large branches that fell out of my tree last week. then, mow the front and rear lawn and rake up the leaves. yeah. Nope. Nada.
My pal Bob stopped by with donuts and we visited for about an hour and just as he was going to leave, my other pal Lee, stopped by. yeah. So, the B.S. fest started. and kept going till Bob had to leave to get a canvas his pal ordered. I was worried about Bob, because he has diabeties bad and he wasn't walking that good. I decided to go with him just to pick out the package. I thought everythng was set to just pick it up. I didn't realize there were two canvas's and they were already mounted. They took up the entired back of his pickup truck. after 30 minutes, he droped me off at home. I had Lee stay their and by golly, he wanted me to go with him to the religious supply store. Still, no branches cut, or lawn mowed. I like the sap I am, said I would go. We got there and picked out a box of candles. Got back home and then I was sweating just from getting up and out of the trucks most of the afternoon. I then decided no lawn, but decided the cut up the limbs. That took up almost a whole hour. Wow, I didn't know they were that big!.

So, tomorrow, lawn. oh, Bob said he'd stop by. hmmmmmmmmm

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