Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Blue Thursday???

I changed my icon to my yummy icon, to tease you all. Look closely. Yum yum.
There, thats my idea of teasing.

I had a so so day ( actually it sucked-I'm just being nice!) I woke up and made coffee and then made out the utility bills. oh, the fun I have! I then thought that today, we have a substitute mailman, so....I decided to walk the mile and a half and mail it. Also, to replenish my supply of candy bars. It was a nice walk, but depressing as hell. I think one out of 19 houses are either for sale or foreclosed. But the economy is good! in a Pig's eye!
So now I have to finish or start the newsletter, find some more warm bodies to operate the coffee stop over this weekend and see about other things.

But it looks like a good weekend ahead. I'm thinking about asking my neighbor lady over for a cook out. hot dogs or minute steaks, or something cheap.

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