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Just watched "Mulholland Dr." "WOW"

I knew there was a reason I always enjoy watching, participating, with a Lynch film: He never uses just one form to present his story, he switches back and forth between graphical and interactive. What a ride! I almost expected the giant from Twin Peaks to make a guest appearance. But, like a spiders web, it works on way too many levels to get the whole gist of his idea ( if thats what he had in mind)in just one sitting. I'll wait till I expect no interruptions and view it again. Man, David really, really hates actors and Hollywood. I can understand the later, I have no love for the nicely packaged 1hour, 58 minute movie, that Hollywood seems destine to produce.
I can feel, hear a storm a coming. My back is still killing me. I forget if I told what happened or not, Last week Monday, I was laying in bed with my dog, Blaze, petting him and playing with him, when I started to sneeze, well......I ended up yawing at the exact moment I sneezed: it all stayed inside of my lungs. OUCH! I've had muscle spasm every day since. Of course, we almost had snow this past Saturday night, and that didn't help. "welcome to summer 2002"
now, back to petting Blaze.

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