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8 Random Fact meme (tagged by popstar)

1) Post these rules before you give your facts.
2) List eight random facts about yourself.
3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) eight people and list their names, linking to them.

1. I have been fighting with myself on how best to merge Jean Piaget's great theory of equilibration and Carl Roger's Client Centered Therapy. It's not often you find a theoretical foundation that can almost wholly account for observable bahavior. The problem exists with trying to do research on humanistic psychology. Every open door has 10 that are shut in your face. Every professor I shared my idea's with, were greatly surprised that nobody had seen this relationship before. But none knew how to proceed. Nuts..

2. I am now all alone in this world. My entire family has passed away. I do not even have a rescue samoyed dog to hug and walk. Just Scooter, my brothers cat. I am trying to keep him alive, but thats not an easy task. I am not my brother and he won't accept substitutions. I believe that he has an infection, but he is hiding and short of taking the whole house apart, I can't get him out to take to the vets. I can only wait and see.
I don't think I will find another person in this world who I can be comfortable with. I have oodles of friends, and they are very special to me. But none of them know the real, innermost thoughts and feeling I have. I do that because that intimatecy isn't something I take lightly. I don't need mass acceptance, just a truthful earful on how I'm really doing and please don't cushion it! Special friends like this are rare. ( though I do have some right here in LJ!)

3.I love Japanese Anime! I fell in love with the stories, the characterizations and the funny confrontations they some times have between characters. I was ready to toss the old TV set and forget movies because I hate what hollywood has done to film in general. I also cried during some of the most dramatic moments to ever be put on film, in anime, (Grave of the Fireflies). I also love how so many people have decided to write their own fanfics. and boy, some of them are better than the original.

4. I don't think anybody on LJ knows this, but I play the string Bass! I took 7 years of violin lessons, moved on to viola and then, settled on the string bass. I was always practicing or performing at some point in my life. My mom was a band singer back in the 1930's and I got to meet a lot of her fellow musicians. In our neighborhood, my mom would play the piano, while I slapped the bass! After my mom passed away, some of the neighbors remarked how quiet it had become. I love Jazz and can get lost while playing. Like not wanting the tune to end. I love just about all music, but I don't for the life of me, understand Rap. It seems more a social statement than a musical one.

5. I have a lot of people who like to be around me. I get them to laugh. It's true. I have this wonderfully English sense of humor. ( if it were more dry, it would be dust!). And I also am very spontatjuste. I have often wondered if I might try to put all this humor into a book. interesting idea.

6. I am not interested in dating right now. No, please don't walk into my house and try and crawl into bed with me. You might be offended by my yawning in face! I'm just not interested in dating or sex right now. I have oodles of things to deal with that need my attention, and getting involved with another person would not be a help, but a delaying action. I need to resolve a whole bunch of stuff. I have a life to get on with.

7. My goal in life has not changed since I formed one! It is not to be rich. I've known many millionaires and they, as a group, do not seem to be very happy. Funny, my brother passed away having only about $89.00 to his name. He didn't own any valuable items or property. But many influential people knew him and asked him for advice. I want to simply nurture, give life and love to all I meet. Included inside of that, is a desire to become a professor who writes text books, teaches at all levels of school and college. (This is all with keeping on not becoming rich-education doesn't seem to be valued)

8. To keep my love and fascination of dinosaurs alive and well. I remember 1954 when my mom took me to see Godzilla and a short while later, Rodan. Boy, this is the stuff little kids eat and grow on! ( I wasn't the only one, a guy named Ken Carpenter also saw that same movie and became Prof. Carpenter who is seen on the Discovery channel) This is just part of my love of life and nature. I could drink this stuff till the cows , I mean, Dinosaurs, come home. What a gas!

Now, I'm going to tag these wonderful folks, who bring joy into my day.
( kind of laying it on thick, huh!)

[Bad username: nenshou makoto]

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