Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" So by neighbor lady who wants to date me!"

good grief! Look, she's a nice lady and all, but all I want is quiet, and maybe try to take a nap when I actually need it.

She stopped to talk with me 4 times today. The last time, she knocked on my front door and said the cats outside her window were horny. I swear I'm not making this up. Me, I'm tired. All this heat has finally gottent to me. The AC doesn't seem to make a difference. It does, it just seems like it doesn't.
Scooter the kat returned today, madder than heck. he must have gotten in a fight, but there were no marks on him. I wish he's stay inside. But a feral cat will always be wanting to be outside, even if it means death, and it does. I haven't seen one kitty survive yet. I haven't heard from the Dog rescue place. i'll give them a call tomorrow.

right now, I just want to go to sleep...

nighty night.

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