Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ok, so todays it worse....12:14AM and it's 83 outside.

Yea. Summer is still here and here and still here....It can go away anytime now. send me a post card. or draw me a picture. No MORE HEAT!
thank you, the management.

Wow, now today was hot. Scooter the kat and I didn't poke out heads out of the AC room more than twice: to eat and greet. My neighbor lady came over and asked to use my paper shredder. I bet the pile of papers was over 5 inches high. and all of last years students!
It got hot mauling paper, and the thermal switch kicked in. So, I carried it across the street for her. Seems this stuff is confidential. ????
ok, if she says so.
Now back to sweating. and dripping and ....

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