Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

" I'm back......"

I just installed one of those "Let our product clean your computer and make it run smoother and faster". Well, nothing got broke, but I wasted about 2 hours on this crap. They mean well, but I believe the real design was how to get money out of my wallet into their hands. Didn't work. But my computer was a mess for a while today.
Otherwise, Scooter the kat decided we should stay inside my bedroom today and play computer games ( Elder Scrolls 3 morrow wind) cause, the air conditioner works in my bedroom.
He is sticking closer to me than a pair of K-Mart underwear! Thats close!
We're practicing for the 90+ heat days we have coming this week and maybe, right into next week too. No rain. bummer! We need it.

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