Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"News Flashie....Drew Carey, replacing Bob Barker?"

News Flash. oh boy. Just got this from News. I think Rosie might have been better. I like her right in your face confrontation. We need more of that.

well, it wasn't quite that bad, but. Scooter the kat woke me up to tell me that Serge was here and he brough me 50 blank dvd's. I spent about 72 hours editing, adding sound and compiling the video of the construction of the Bath house. I videographed from May 14th to June 28th. But the real good descriptive photos were the stills I took. From the start to the end. I made 6 copies for him and ran out of blank DVD's. What a world. When I first got my first DVD recorder, the blanks cost about $18.95 each! I can remember seeing the first ones out being sold for $48.95. Again, with feeling, what a world.

So, my Monday was a good start for the week, now, where exactly is Rosie?

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