Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

This is the kind of day that you doing nothing..

I got up way early for me, and sat on the front porch watching the birds. Where are they all. I haven't seen one blue jay or wren all summer. and the squirrels, they're all juvenile. Somethings a miss over here. Yesterday, I spent 9 hours putting a video together for a friend. It took about 8 hours to compile the darn thing. thats when I realized my computer is on its last legs. Of course, having a video over 3.2 gigs big and a 187 slide show, didn't help the poor mother board keep cool. So, now I have to use that piece of junk I have parked in my new case. nuts. I then remembered that I have to make a payment at the bank today and even though its hot, I decided to walk up. whoopie. hot, muggy, and by the time I got to the bank, I was covered in sweat. I got back within 10 minutes: not bad, round way was only 21 minutes, and in this heat.

I then remembered today is put the trash out. yeah... anything else I can do!
but before I get that done, my pal comes over and he wants to take me out to old country buffet. yeah again. There's nothing like hot turkey and ham on a hot day! yum yum.
We got back and saw all these old model T and model A cars and trucks. there were oodles of them parked and driving on the road. good drivers too.
We get back just in time for to remember that I have to clean the kitty litter box. oh yuck. what a

perfect way to ruin a day. But its done.
Now I just waiting for the latest DVD to compile and presto, either another coaster or....

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