Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"A fun filled afternoon doing data entry. yea...."

This was a flash from the past moment: sitting at a computer, entering data, a whole lot of data.

it felt good. But what a difference a few years make. I used to use a IBM punch card machine to punch my data into the card for the card reader to read. Then log on and run a program, usually, SPSS, my favorite. I wish I had that data now. I could come close to publishing a manuscript with it. If you want to know how to use the scientific method, use it. great experience.
My fingers are sore and I have a kink in my neck. But thank goodness for MS Works database. I created my own database and used it within a few seconds. Not like Access. How do you use that any how?
So being a Friday night, Friday the 13th specially, I watched

Black Hawk Down.
I love what Ridley Scott can do with film. But it seems Hollywood doesn't like him too much.
I hope he gets his Oscar. But for which one of his past movies will it really be for?
ok, now have a great cool weekend.

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