November 13th, 2021

cute cat

it's going to be a white Halloween???

OK, Halloween is past, but it's still white out and the pumpkins are still decorating my neighbor’s front porches. (Do you think they'll still be there come spring?).
Here I be, on a cold, snowy Saturday. Attempting to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Ha ha ha.  Live action seems to have taken over almost everything. YUCK. What, no more Grandfather clock? Jingles, wild bill hickcock? Ruff and Reddy. ok, the last was on Monday night. I grew up wanting to become Professor Gizmo. ah. The dreams of a child. Now look what he's become. (or is it, becoming?)
 I muse on the years of my life, of all the friends I’ve had during the early years, the tears come when I think of all of my childhood friends who didn't live to a full life. The book worm who fell off a mountain, the girl who was murdered by a series killer. One of my crushes whose parents went through a nasty, messy divorce. (When is a divorce not messy and nasty?).
Things I think about on this cold, snowy Saturday.  But, I’m not being depressed. More like a written journal of "ME". You all should do it too.
What can I say after thinking of all this? "Thank you God, for all you've given me!" I pray I’m worthy of it all

I'm off
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