July 18th, 2021

Boys be boys

what a beautiful, sunny Sunday it is.

I'm going to go out and soak up the wonderful weather while I can. S.N.O.W. is only 4 months or so away.  I'm waiting for my neighbor to thank me for buying him/her a video. They delivered the films to the wrong address. That’s the second time that’s happened. I can't complain, when I think of how many orders I’ve made to them.  Thanks to my wonderful neighbor "M", I got to mow my lawn on Friday. The battery was too low to turn it over, but she came over and started it. YAY me. I got to sweat and cuss and work pushing a lawn mower. Yay me again. But it did need it and I did part of my other neighbor’s lawn to too. Just to get it done with. Today, I figured out how to charge the battery, while not having an outside electrical outlet. YAY me again. Now this week, once again cut down all those stupid bushes that keep growing up 'everywhere', they shouldn't.
I'm off
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