June 11th, 2021

Boys be boys

well day 4 with no e-mail

I'm sitting in my room, waiting to give Comcast a call, and hope, this time, I get a technician.  This is nuts. Xfinity really needs to improve, or even start a customer service plan. This isn't it.  I walked up to the bank and it was hot. I mean, hot. I now know what a turkey feels like in an oven at Thanksgiving Day!  On the way back, I was so hot, I sat down where I shouldn't have. It was so low, my butt was almost even with my feet’s heals. I couldn't get up. Too hot. Drained of a lot of stuff. So I called my Neighbors, and one showed up. He had a hard time helping me up. What a way to start the week.  I'm not getting ready to give Comcast a call. Cross your fingers.
I'm off
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    really missing my cat