February 14th, 2021


Happy Valentines Day.

"Happy Valentine’s Day". Did you buy your sweet heart a box of delicious chocolates?  Or how about a dozen "Roses"? (They have them on the lay away plan). Me, I’m thinking of cooking something special. Just not sure what yet. To start this day's celebration, I cleaned the kitchen sink. YAY ME. There's nothing like scrubbing a cast iron sink. Ah, I get all tickly. Or something like that. My real celebration will be in two weeks when I got my 2nd vaccine shot. YAY.
So, to complete this special day, I’ll say a poem one of my girlfriends said to me many many year ago.  “Up your nose, down your spine, oh won't you be my valentines".
ok ok. She meant well.


I'm off
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