January 29th, 2021


I finally broke down and got my corona-19 vaccine

I got poked in the arm with corona -19 vaccine this morning. WOW. The parking lot was full and so was the injection area. But it was very well thought out. They had people helping steer folks to the right area and provided the forms and masks.  I think the whole thing didn't take more than 40 minutes. "Thank you Richard D. and Joyce". You have increased my chances of making it through this nasty virus, and it's many, many strains. This has been one long arm poking week. First, blood tests Monday for my annual checkup this past Thursday. He loved all the results but wants me to let up on greasy food? Then today, or should I say this morning, with the temperature hovering around 9 degrees, we got me a vaccine.
Than home, having an "Egg-McMuffen" and McCoffee for breakfast, made oodles of phone calls. Get the business done before the weekend if you can. Oh, the breakfast, Egg McMuffen was very good. Never had one before. Now time for myself.
I'm off
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