January 24th, 2021


Here we are, with a new President and snow falling down.

Yup. It's winter. Icy sidewalks, driveways. Streets packed with hard unmovable snow packs. yup, its winter. I hope this will be a short lived winter snow storm.  This is the week of Rds. first a blood panel tomorrow, followed by a visit to the Dr. to hear the results.   And then wait to hear when my appointment is ready for the vaccine.  This was a very productive week. Got the roof repaired, looking for the fence to be fixed. Took the vhf-uhf antenna down. A few ground radials were bent, but they should be able to be straightened out. I hope.
Seems, that antenna has jumped almost $100.00 in less than 2 years!  Yeah, ok,. sure. you bet.
I'm off
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